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      Bed Bugs

      Bed bugs are on the rise, their numbers have increased significantly over the past 10 years. As the pests reached the brink of extinction, cheap air travel allowed people to visit destinations where the bugs still thrived; bringing them back to towns and cities in the UK. Problems with bed bugs in Wales stem from the overly populated area, as well as the sheer amount of hotels, hostels and shared housing.

      JG Pest Control are the leading provider of chemical and heat treatments for bed bugs.

      Heat Treatments are the most effective method of bed bug eradication available.

      Click for more info on our Heat Treatments

      See us in action tackling some bed bugs in Wales.

      Eradication Specialists

      As the leading supplier of heat treatments – the most effective method of eradication available – as well as chemical treatments, you can trust JG Pest Control to rid you of the pests. Not only do we exterminate bed bugs, we also provide disposal services for infested furnishing, such as beds, sofas and carpets, as well as a pick up and drop off services for treatment of luggage/belongings.

      Bed Bug Infestation

      • Bed bugs often hitchhike from one destination to another.
      • They can follow you home if you’ve stayed in an infested hotel, or property. Second hand furniture poses a serious bed bug risk.
      • An infestation can be difficult to notice during early stages.
      • Signs will soon become noticeable in beds, duvets and mattresses.

      Bed Bug Removal

      • The areas with activity need to be treated, as well as surrounding areas.
      • Bed bugs will try to avoid chemicals.
      • Treating the whole property including adjoining rooms improves chances of total eradication.

      How to Treat Bed Bugs

      Unfortunately, once an infestation has spread, there is no effective DIY method of bed bug removal. Once a heat or chemical treatment has been arranged, we advise belongings are stored away and the area made as clutter free as possible. Bedding should be stripped and washed on a cycle above 60°C. All of which will enable the treatment to work as quickly as possible.

      Diatomaceous earth is commonly used to reduce bed bug activity. This organic compound, made from crushed fossils, is used as part of our heat and chemical treatments, although will not fully eradicate a problem if used alone.

      Information Video on Bed Bug Treatments Click here

      For leading bed bug control services in Wales, by qualified RSPH technicians, call JG Pest Control now, on 029 2010 7732

      Bed bug detection service

      92% effective at catching bed bug infestations early!

      JG’s Bed Bug Eradication Service

      As a leading pest control company in Wales, the team at JG Pest Control understand the distress infestations can cause for homeowners and businesses. This is why our team of bed bug treatment specialists work hard to swiftly and efficiently remove the pests. Our heat treatment is the quickest, most effective method we recommend and comes with a specialist same day guaranteed.

      In addition, we offer guaranteed chemical treatments, as well as bespoke heat or freeze treatments for removing bed bugs from other items, including luggage or furniture. Our optional collection and delivery service also means you don’t have to worry about removing the items from the property yourself.

      Our experienced team of bed bug experts will assess your situation and recommend the best way to eradicate the problem.


      Emergency Bed Bug Control Services, call 029 2010 7732

      How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

      There are two main options to eradicate bed bugs from your property. A professional heat treatment is the most recommended method. This is the quickest way to destroy an infestation and can kill the bugs at any stage of the life cycle. This includes eggs, which will not be killed by chemicals.

      Chemicals can also be effective, but you may need multiple treatments. There is also a risk the bugs will resist the treatment, or scatter throughout the property in an attempt to avoid the chemicals.

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